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Greetings BCATW members! The planning committee is hard at work putting together an exciting BCATW Symposium for this spring. Details soon to follow.

Last notice!

Treasurer Karoline Cullen thanks all who have paid their dues and submitted tear sheets for their 2014 membership renewals. May this year be filled with publishing for you!

For those who have not yet renewed (perhaps you are travelling?) please notify me at cullenphotos@nulldccnet.com as to your intentions for your membership this year.

If renewing, please do so by Friday, February 7th either by the PayPal link on the BCATW site ($48.00 plus $2.00 PayPal service fee) or by sending a cheque payable to BCATW to Karoline Cullen, Box 1035, Delta, BC. V4M3T2.

Tear sheets (proof of publishing – 3 paid articles in the last 2 years) go to Chris Millikan at millikan@nullaxion.net. Should you not have the tear sheets required, perhaps consider membership as an associate while you try for more publishing this year.

Industry member renewals are $120.00.

BCATW Member News

In the January 2014 issue of Scuba & H2O magazine, Jett & Kathryn Britnell co-authored a piece about “Working With Underwater Models – Tips For Improving Your Diver Portraits.”

working with underwater models, bcatw.org


As for 2014 plans, Jett will be participating in a shark documentary that will take him back to the Bahamas twice this year to dive with two apex predators, oceanic whitetip sharks and tiger sharks. In July, Jett & Kathryn will be snorkeling with whale sharks just north of Cancun, Mexico. Here is a picture Jett captured last November when he was diving with tiger sharks in the Bahamas.

sharks Britnell, bcatw.org

Ruth Kozak has had two more stories published: “Wine Tasting in Greece” in Travel Generation and “Walking With the Philosophers” in EuropeUpClose. Ruth is currently working on a travel guide e-book for Hunter Publishing, UK and waiting for book 1 of her novel SHADOW OF THE LION to be published in August by www.mediaaria-cdm.com . Ruth will be teaching a travel writing course at her home from Feb. 5 – March 5, $50. Phone her at 604-254-9711 or email ruthaki1@nullshaw.ca for details. (there are still a few spaces), Improve your travel writing skills!

Carol Ann Quibell is currently in Shanghai, China and is looking forward to sharing her experiences with everyone when she gets home. She’s gathering material and photos for submissions to magazines during 2014.

For close to one year, Heather Lea, (owner of Reved Quarterly magazine) worked on this story for Canadian Geographic with photographer and friend, Francois-Xavier De Ruydts. The two spent two months on the road during the winter of 2013 hunting down avalanches and the brave souls who work keeping us safe from this natural phenomenon. Lots of ‘final’ copies appeared on the CanGeo editor’s desk before it was finally nailed. Francois and Heather pitched the story (his idea) to CanGeo in Nov. 2012. Heather interviewed many incredible professionals working in the industry – some of whom never made it into the story but helped immensely in the research. She feels it was the most challenging thing she’s written to-date but was an experience she is most grateful for. Not many mags give a new-to-them writer a cover story! You can read the story online at the above link where there is lots of extra info they didn’t have room for in print, including a video of a guy caught in an avalanche, an interview with Heather and some other great videos and extra photos. Or grab a copy of the mag – the pictures are incredible and look better in print. There is also a spin-off here on CBC’s Daybreak South focusing on Avalanche Control on the highways of B.C. It’s 6-mins long. Script and soundbites compiled by Heather.

After a hiatus of nearly three years, Julie H. Ferguson is excited to be planning overseas travel again. However her first assignment is for Ontario Tourism, delayed to June, when she will take two river cruises, one on the Rideau Waterway and the second on the Trent-Severn Waterway. The media aim is to climb aboard the surge in river cruising and show that it exists at home as well as in Europe.

Ship in lock, bcatw.orgBefore she returns to the Pacific coast, Julie will spend a week in Prince Edward County exploring the history and the food and wine scene on this lovely island. This Ontario exploration will be book-ended with media events in Ottawa and Toronto for the re-release of the second edition of her book, Through a Canadian Periscope, to celebrate the centenary of the Canadian Submarine Service.

Irene Butler has now been in three countries since January 1st – Colombia, Panama and is currently in Costa Rica. Only nine to go to fulfill her New Year’s Resolution.

Panama-Hats, bcatw.orgThe Panama Canal was the highlight of her and Rick’s Panama visit and along with seeing the site of the mega-expansion to this already amazing feat of engineering.

They also took in David and Boquete, two locales that have a magnetic draw to North American Retirees, and can readily see the appeal…read all about it…  Also she is in -110 degrees Celsius (no this is not a typo) in the February Issue of Senior Living Magazine.

Darlene Foster was invited to do a reading at BC Children’s Hospital early in January. She read from Amanda in Arabia – The Perfume Flask. The children were intrigued with the setting and loved the camels. Read more here

“To the young at Heart, everything is fun.” Charles Dickens

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