BCATW Fall Gala 2012

On October 13, 2012, members of BCATW met at the Listel Hotel for their fall Gala. They met to network, listen to Robin Esrock discuss the business of travel, hear Mari Kane reveal the Top 10 Things You Should Know About WordPress, and be challenged by the tough questions in the President’s geography quiz.

 At the Listel Hotel     At the Listel Hotel, Robson Street, Vancouver

      Keynote Speaker Robin Esrock

 WordPress maven Mari Kane     BCATW’s WordPress Maven Mari Kane

      Geography Quiz Teams

     The Winners – Aarvarks

     President Baila Lazarus and Robin Esrock

     Page Up on the Blogsite Winner Julie Ferguson

     Door Prize Winner Mari Kane

      Door Prize Winner Kathryn Britnell

      Door Prize Winner Kami Kanetsuka

     Raffle Basket Winner Kathryn Britnell

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