BCATW Welcomes Travel Bloggers with New Membership Guidelines

wp-bcatwThe BC Association of Travel Writers has just announced a new set of membership guidelines extending full and associate membership to travel bloggers.

Until now, BCATW has accepted only a few travel bloggers but held them to the same standards as travel writers publishing in print.

“We have always welcomed bloggers in BCATW so this isn’t exactly new, it just outlines exactly what is expected,” said BCATW President Ruth Kozak.

“BCATW has traditionally been an organization for travel writers, as in published articles, but these days a lot of bloggers are publishing about travel too. I hope these rules provide clarity, and we welcome those who qualify for membership in BCATW.”

Travel Blogger Guidelines

The new guidelines state that bloggers will qualify as full members in BCATW if their blog is 75% related to travel and is monetized by affiliates (besides Google or Amazon), paid ads, sponsored posts, subscriptions, membership, or a directory.

Or, if the blog supports a travel-related service – speaking, advisories, authored book sales, workshops, or photography – bloggers will be eligible for full membership.

If a blog is an un-monetized travel journal containing at least 75% travel-related material, bloggers can apply for associate membership. But to be upgraded to full membership after one year, bloggers must show a paid travel article, or monetize the travel blog according to the above.

To apply for membership, bloggers should visit our Become a Member page

The new guidelines come in time for travel bloggers to join in time for the BCATW 2015 Symposium on April 18 in Vancouver. Members enjoy a reduced $45 rate. Non-members are welcome to the symposium for $70.

More information about the symposium is at: bcatw.org/BCATW2015 .

BCATW also runs a monthly Meetup about travel writing that is free to members and $10 for non-members. For more information, see the Meetup.

The BCATW Facebook page is open by invitation and it regularly posts links to media events and travel opportunities available to writers and bloggers.

Additional member benefits include: a profile page on the BCATW.org site as well as a listing on BCATW.org/directory; an official press card; and reduced rate projector rental for making presentations. Full member benefits are listed Here.

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