Blogging & Brewing Meetup at Big Rock Urban Brewery with BCATW

10-steps from beer to blog by a blogger and beer taster

Beer tour with Enthusiastic Emily at Big Rock Urban Brewery and Blogging Meetup with Marvelous Mari Kane, BCATW webmistress and WordPress expert.

1. A barley grain of an idea. 

The yeast, the hops, the distilled water.

Your niche?  Ales, lagers, malts? Amber, blonde, brown, dark, fruit, golden, IPA? P1000281Find what works for you.

2. Steep it

Design blog well.

3. Crush husks/find kernels/get to the grist (verb is grind)

Keep a clean, minimalist style.


4. Maintain a specific temperature to metabolize yeast to wort (grain sugars strained from mash tun) to make brew wort and fermented wort:

Maintain your theme.  Grow your idea.


5. Settle and cycle wort, spray and turn up the heat

Use social media to get your wort/words out there.

6. Sample

Keep refining your product. Know your host.  Keep up with trends like ‘Periscope’!


7. Taste

Stay true to your multi-faceted platform.  Your brand.

8. Test

Let Google tools help you…its analytics, trends, and keyword finders for SEO.  Join groups.  Go to meetups.    Try a citrusy Mosaic Lager or a Great Cherry Farini Ale!

So much product, so little blog it down

So much product, so little time…to blog it down

9. Sterilize and whorl to settle

Make blog shine and use photos that tell an unspoken/unwritten story.

10. Cool quickly to avoid bacterial build up

Keyword tag it.  Publish!


Big Rock Urban Brewery Blogging Meetup

Here’s the presentation Mari created for this Meetup.

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