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Welcome to the Buzz for June 2013!

News from Members

Ruth Kozak had two stories published in EuropeUpClose this month: Stonehenge and Samothraki, Greece. Her novel “Shadow of the Lion” is currently being read by a publisher in UK. Fingers crossed!  Ruth is about to embark on another travel adventure to Wales and Greece, following in the footsteps of Dylan Thomas and the ancients. Rick Neal has an article on Ucluelet’s Wild Pacific Trail in the June edition of Senior Living.

Julie H. Ferguson has a bumper crop of articles and images appearing —four to be precise. Most have flowed from adventures in 2012, so long is the lead time in many markets today. Look for The Best Kept Secret in the Fraser ValleyThe Harrison River: Unspoiled and Unknown, History Lives Here: Kilby Historic Site (Feature + cover image), and Exploring a Vancouver ‘Hood. The first three also have accompanying videos for the online versions of her print articles. Julie’s recent wine and food expedition in the southern Okanagan is recorded on her travelog in several posts at Stamps in My Passport, along with bits of history and photos.

Randi Winter has 9 published pieces as part of Delta Airline’s new MSN online travel portal, Connections. Under articles, trips and advice and travel gear-they cover the gamut from new devices to help mitigate jetlag, airport spa experiences, when to speak up about airline experiences, around the world in 24 time zones, a fashionista’s look at airline uniforms, striking up (or down) conversations with seatmates, benefits of bringing your own water bottles, 10 ways for travelers to eat and drink well, and top airports for food. She is organizing two more special events with two of our Industry partners, Destinos Enterprises who represents many countries in South America and Mahmood Poonjah of Bestways Tours and Safaris whose newest travel destinations are World Heritage Sites around the world. Dates and times TBA. Passionate Travel

Check out Reved Quarterly. Reved was founded by BCATW member, Heather Lea, in June 2005 in Revelstoke B.C and provides lively stories to locals and visitors about the Revelstoke culture. The publication is printed each Mar, June, Sept and Dec, prints 12,000-14,000 copies per year and is distributed in over 200 locations throughout Revelstoke, Vernon, Kelowna and areas of Vancouver. The layout is done by Heather as well as the editing and publishing process. She also writes the editorials, where she loves to expose her devious sense of humour. Current and archived Reved issues can always be viewed online! Feel free to like their Facebook page as well at Reved Quarterly.

Darlene Foster has just returned from sunny Spain where she enjoyed warm sandy beaches, explored castle ruins,devoured many paellas and did not break any bones. She was featured in the May issue of Senior Living  and in the Delta Optimist  Darlene has been invited to do a presentation at Tomsett Elementary School where the students are reading Amanda in Arabia as part of their reading program this year. The students are looking forward to meeting a “real author.”

Irene Butler is gearing up for the 2013 TMAC Conference in Saskatoon – her old stomping grounds! Born and raised in Saskatchewan, some of her most relished memories until the age of 21 were in Saskatoon.  Many folks find travelling across Saskatchewan with its miles of wheat fields boring… but Irene asks, “Did you know Saskatchewan has Lake Manitou that is as salty as the dead sea?…. and …  the Great Sandhills ….. and  Badlands called The Big Muddy ?

And we Saskatchewanians love our “about-self”-chuckles….

A couple from Saskatoon decided to escape their -30 winter with a few weeks in Florida.  When leaving the plane they decided it was better to put their parkas, toques and boots back on so their hands would be free to carry their luggage. A local couple wonders about these foreigners.

The wife goes over and asks, “Hi there, where are you folks from?” “Saskatoon Saskatchewan”.

She goes back to her husband who asks, “So, where are they from?” “I don’t know…they don’t speak any English.”

At the recent BCATW symposium, keynote speaker Michael de Freitas observed that having this BC-centric Travel Writer’s Association established for beginning and seasoned writers is highly important (i.e. other professional writer groups focus on national and eastern interests).

We would like to hear from our members; why do you belong to BCATW and what are the benefits of membership to you? Send your responses to Karoline or Darlene to be included in next month’s BUZZ.

Upcoming Events

Afghanistan Rising – Journeys to the Edge  Presented by Roberta Staley & Tallulah Photography Journeys to the Edge (J2E) announces the multimedia event and fundraiser, Afghanistan Rising, documenting the resurgence of education, gender equality, culture, fashion and civil society in Afghanistan.

By showing how far Afghanistan has come since the Taliban were ousted by United States and NATO forces in 2001, Afghanistan Rising will reveal how much may be lost should the Taliban regain power when the West withdraws in 2014 Afghanistan Rising will introduce you to Dr. Lauryn Oates, the Burnaby-based projects director of Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan. You will also visit the open-air markets of Kabul, a sensory overload of scents and sights like saffron, turmeric, dried rose petals, harvest vegetables and livestock. You will be introduced to world champion Qu’ran singer Ahmad Reshad Mamozai, and an Afghan rug designer whose wares sell as far afield as Vancouver. You will meet a female politician who is fighting for gender equality and rule of law, members of the Afghanistan women’s boxing team, the owners of Kabul’s famed Toofan Beauty Salon, an international fashion designer, jewelry makers, and an Afghan-Canadian cardiologist who treats everyone for free – even ex-Taliban. A portion of the money raised will go to Young Women for Change, a youth group in Kabul, Afghanistan that is transforming entrenched misogynistic attitudes.

Thursday June 27th at Chapel Arts, 304 Dunlevy Avenue in Vancouver, 7 p.m. – 9 p.m. (Doors open at 6:45) door prizes • raffles • discussion • $20 tickets  • $15 for seniors and students • $25 at the door Seating is limited. Get your tickets now! JOURNEYS TO THE EDGE supports independent foreign reporting. A portion of the funds from this event will assist the reporting team of Staley and Tallulah travel to Haiti in late 2013 to document the work of Team Broken Earth, a Canadian NGO that provides emergency medicine and long-term therapy to victims of the 2010 earthquake. Call Roberta Staley at 604-738-9251 or email her.

Karoline and Darlene
Your BUZZ Co-Editors

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