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BCATW Director at Large Roberta Staley,

Roberta Staley

Roberta Staley is an award-winning magazine editor and writer with experience reporting from the developing world and conflict and post-conflict zones. Most recently, she was in El Salvador investigating stories related to the impact of globalization on the Central American nation. (Stories to be published in Spring 2015.)  She has also covered gender equality and education in Afghanistan, […]

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Exciting Speaker for October Gala announced!

Reserve your calendars for the October 13 Gala! Robin Esrock – of  publications, TV and speaker fame – will be presenting at the BCATW Gala at the Listel Hotel. His talk will focus on the relationship between travel media and travel industry: the kinds of press releases that work (and  don’t), press trips that work (and don’t), the […]

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Mycenae Travel through Greece’s rich history and visit the places of the GODS, LEGENDS, HEROES and SCHOLARS.  Travel journalist and historical fiction writer W. Ruth Kozak will take you on a journey through Greece visiting the places of myth, legends, Bronze Age and Classical history. Visit the sanctuaries of Delphi, Dodona and Samothraki. Explore the […]

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