Cherie Thiessen

Cherie Thiessen is proud of her eclectic professional careers. After leaving university with what was then considered a useless degree (an M.A. in Creative Writing from the University of British Columbia), she went on to become a playwright, a radio and television scriptwriter, a radio announcer for C.B.C. radio, an arts administrator, a fund raiser, and ultimately a book reviewer and travel writer. After moving to a Gulf Island in her 50s, she finally figured out that as travel was her #1 passion, it would make sense to also make it her career. For over 10 years she taught travel writing at the University of Victoria, finally giving it up when it interfered too much with travel. She’s passionate about sailing, hiking, winter sports, cycle touring and soft adventure independent travel. Now a senior, she specializes in active travel for seniors. Her travel stories have appeared in Explore, Canada’s History, Westworld, Marco Polo, Beautiful B.C.’s Traveller Magazine, the Vancouver Sun and Province, Canadian Boating,Just for Canadian Doctors, and many other newspapers, travel websites, lifestyle and boating magazines. She also writes for, a professional travel writing syndicate that places weekly travel stories in select B.C. weekly papers. Life is good.


  1. February 2015 BCATW Buzz - February 2, 2015

    […] months spent re-living her hippie days in a VW camper and travelling south in search of sunshine, Cherie Thiessan is back at work.  Her story on cycling in southern Italy will be in Victoria’s BLVD […]

  2. June 2014 BCATW Buzz - August 7, 2014

    […] Cherie Thiessen is currently on assignment, cycling in southern Italy. Her story on Sidney by the Sea is in the current Pacific Yachting Magazine, and her three stories on Mayne, Saturna artist, Anne Popperwell, and Cable Bay Farm on Galiano are in the current Aqua Magazine. A story on Molokai, Hawaii is also up on her website.  […]

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