Chris and Rick Millikan

                           A much-traveled freelance writer/photographer team

Living in North Delta, BC, Chris and Rick Millikan are former
educators who present the joys of travel as an inviting
‘curriculum,’ both in print and in online magazines. Their
destination travel stories reveal rich history, culture and
robust activities.

The Kalama Award acknowledges this team’s array of
stories reflecting the rich culture of Maui, Molokai and

Chris has also written articles for Our Canada, Vancouver Sun,
Vancouver Province and numerous Van-Net Newspapers.

Rick’s passion for cycling propelled past Adventure West
columns, Zen Cyclopath adventures in the Vancouver
Province, current Cycling California Magazine articles
as well as other newspaper features. Two of his fictional
bicycle tales appear in the anthology Traffic Life.


Often reflecting zany, cultural and historic adventures, their accounts of off the beaten track adventures are regularly featured in:

Chris is currently Vice President and Rick past President of the B. C. Association of Travel Writers’ Board of Directors.


Chris at
Rick at

                             Chris and Rick cycle the Blueberry Trail looping Lac St. Jean in Quebec.


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