Dave Smith

Dave Smith, BC Craft Beer Writer and Editor Dave Smith is Editor of, and a contributor to, What’s Brewing magazine, known as The Journal of BC’s Craft Beer Movement.

A beer enthusiast since the late 1990s, Dave is a natural craft beer tourism advocate. After years of roaming the Pacific Northwest collecting beer travel experiences, Dave inevitably turned his attention toward writing about this lifestyle pursuit. He began contributing regularly to What’s Brewing as a writer in 2013, beginning with a piece about rail travel to Oregon. Two years later, he assumed his current position with the publication.

In his business life, Dave Smith owns Line49 Design, a digital agency. Being a Web strategist by trade, he saw a place for What’s Brewing as a digital magazine and launched the publication on-line in 2015. Through Line49, Dave was responsible for creating the What’s Brewing website, brand and identity, as well as the magazine’s format, layout and style template.

Dave and his wife Ivana travel the Cascadian region in search of craft beer, and capture their adventures as the writing duo BeerSeekers. Aside from travel articles, Dave also creates various works for What’s Brewing, including full-length craft beer community profiles, and essays on the Business of Beer.

What's Brewing Summer 2016The BCATW Connection

Ace photographer and BCATW member Brian K. Smith contributes various stories and images to the magazine, and collaborates with Dave to produce the cover photos for each issue. BCATW member Rick Green has also been an occasional contributor to the publication.

Selected Works by Dave Smith

Travel stories credited to BeerSeekers

WB-2016-01Profiles of BC beer industry personalities

Business of Beer essays under pen name Jeremiah Thunderfoot

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