Fabiano Maciel


Travel Blogger / Writer

Originally from Brazil (São Paulo), Fabiano has been living in Vancouver since 2010. Business, marketing, social media, customer relationship, and multiculturalism are amongst topics he loves. Passionate about traveling either for leisure and business, he enjoys sharing his experiences on his blog (BizGlobetrotter). He has visited over 200 cities in 21 countries. His favourite sports are hiking, biking, skiing and horseback riding.

Fell free to connect with Fabiano through the channels below.

Email: info@nullbizglobetrotter.com

Website: BizGlobetrotter

Twitter: BizGlobetrotter (@BizGlobetrotter)

Facebook: BizGlobetrotter

LinkedIn: Fabiano Maciel

Pinterest: BizGlobetrotter

Google+: Fabiano Maciel

Instagram: BizGlobetrotter


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