J.Kathleen Thompson


J. Kathleen Thompson is a freelance writer and travel enthusiast. Through her journeys, she strives to illuminate the beauty in this world – in both the extraordinary and the everyday – for her readers.

Her ‘quest for beauty’ has taken her by bike, boots, bus and boat to every continent.  She has frequently been stranded in countries that border the Mediterranean, and now spends much of the year in her new home on an island in the southern Aegean.

A music teacher in her past life, Joan delights in the unique qualities of each culture she encounters. A lifelong hiker and cyclist, she also enjoys the immersion in new cultures and landscapes that slow travel allows. Her travel interests include:

  • great world walks and pilgrimages (including the Camino)
  • cycling in off-beat places (Mexico, Alaska, the Costa Brava)
  • traditional music and dance around the world
  • inspiring people and cultural practices
  • literary travel
  • active mid-life travel
  • overseas living
  • buying property overseas

Joan has attended the annual premier conference for travel writers in the United States – Book Passage – and is a proud member of the B.C. Association of Travel Writers. With her photographer partner, she has curated a multi-media exhibit entitled:  “The Travelling Eye in Your Pilgrimage.” She is a guest columnist in the Grand Forks Gazette, and has been published in Route #3 Magazine and The Vancouver Sun, and most recently, in the online magazine:  travelthruhistory.com. A portfolio of her work, and the blogs she shares with readers can be viewed on her blog-site.

E-mail:   jkathleen@nullshaw.ca

Blogsite:  http://justgojo.com

Twitter:  @justgojotravel

Phone:    250-666-0113

Genres:  Adventure Travel, Cultural, Solo, History, Memoir, Active Travel, Essay, Destination, Humour , Footpath Traveller, The Camino, Music

Specialty Countries & Regions:  Mediterranean countries, biking/hiking in major mountain ranges (Rockies, Himalayans, Alps, Andes, Taurus, Pyrenees, St. Elias, Atlas), Mexico, Central America, Africa, Spain

Samples of  Work:  Brave New GrapesDedicated to Dance;  Morocco, A Feast for Senses and Soul
Photo Gallery:







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