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I am a former television current affairs producer. Thanks to the networks, I’ve travelled extensively throughout Canada and the U.S. The rest of the world? That’s been on my own dime.

I’m nosey, analytical and persistent. I like cultural and the historical stories. Moose Jaw’s tunnels would be an example. Or BC’s ghost towns. Soft adventure stories fit the bill because my sky diving days are over and my journalism teacher said to write what you know. Anything dealing with transportation is ideal – the trip itself and the mode employed.  Ditto with art and architecture, using art works to frame a tour e.g. the Glasgow of Charles Rennie Mackintosh.

I like the observational writing of Bill Bryson because of his wry humour. It’s very English or is he back in America?  Robert Kaplan puts things in a political context and Rory Stewart impressed me because he walked across Afghanistan in 2002 and told me things about the country and the people we’ve since forgotten.

I aim to be clean, clear and concise in my writing. It must be the TV training. And to write for my audience whoever it happens to be at the time.

I feel equally at home in print or online. I’m also a photographer and usually submit my own pictures along with my stories. Lately, I’ve been embedding video alongside the text wherever possible.



Enjoying Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s Architecture in Glasgow, Scotland

Holiday in Hanoi

Watching the Running of the Skookumchuck Rapids on BC’s Sunshine Coast

North to Alaska

Weekender: Lynden, Washington  (scroll through to page 10)



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    Welcome to the BCATW, John.