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Vancouver-based Julie H. Ferguson is an addicted travel writer who is intensely interested in the history and culture of foreign lands, as well as Canada, and her travel stories and images reflect this focus. Julie never leaves home without her cameras and voice-recorder, always looking for the colour and sounds that captivate readers everywhere. Some of her recent destinations include Iceland, the Scottish Hebrides, Ontario, South Africa, and toujours France.

A non-fiction writer for 45 years and an avid photographer, Julie is also the author of twenty-four books, including four on Canadian history and eleven photo portfolios. Her travel articles and images have appeared in print and online, including  Travel with a Challenge, Senior Living, Europe Up Close, and other global markets. Julie is also a professional speaker who delivers keynotes and workshops that assist writers of all kinds to succeed in publishing their work.

Julie is a proud member of The BC Association of Travel Writers, the Travel Media Association of Canada, the International Travel Writers Alliance, and the Federation of BC Writers; and formerly of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers and Photoclub Vancouver.

Some recent travel articles:

  • The Splendour of Southern Iceland, online in Europe up Close, April 2015
  • Small-ship Cruising in the Scottish Hebrides, online in Europe up Close, January 2015
  • Prehistoric Hot Springs in Southern France? Mais Oui!, Travel Writers’ Tales, an independent travel writers’ syndicate, August 2012
  • River Cruising Canadian Style: The Rideau Canal, print and online in Senior Living, October 2014
  • Sensational Safaris on a ShoestringTravel Writers’ Tales, an independent travel writers’ syndicate, July 2012
  • Following the Painters of Light: The Provence of Cézanne and Picasso, Travel with a Challenge, March-April 2012

For more travel articles by Julie, please visit http://www.beaconlit.com/#!travelarticles/c1dze

Areas of travel interest:

  • Translating the history of peoples and places into today’s reality
  • Post-retirement travel with soft adventure
  • The faces of different faiths around the world
  • Food and wine from the perspective of a curious traveler, not an expert.

Julie’s online presence includes:

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  1. Judith April 1, 2013 at 8:17 pm #

    Will your lecture at Hycroft on Thursday evening be relevant to those of us who use point and shoot cameras? Or oly SLRs? Should we bring cameras?

    • Julie H. Ferguson April 2, 2013 at 8:58 am #

      Definitely relevant for everyone whatever camera they use. I carry a point and shoot, a dSLR, and often use my phone too. No-one needs to bring a camera on Thursday. We’ll be having fun while learning some foolproof tricks that always improve our vacation pix.


  1. November 2017 BCATW Buzz - November 6, 2017

    […] Julie H. Ferguson discovered that her move to Penticton feels like being on vacation. So much to explore and enjoy in between preparing her assignments from the Europe and Russia trip. She has joined the local photoclub and has attended her first meeting. This group has two field trips each month, summer and winter, as well as a monthly assignment to challenge creativity in its members. Julie is also planning her trip to Hong Kong and China at the end of March 2018. […]

  2. October 2017 BCATW Buzz - October 2, 2017

    […] Julie H. Ferguson has just come up for air in Paris after a hectic month in the UK and Poland, on a Russian cruise, and then in the Loire Valley. She has material for many articles and about 3,000 images so far. She flies to Ontario for 10 days in October to visit friends and family for Thanksgiving. Julie moved from Port Moody to Penticton a week before her six weeks in Europe and is looking forward to settling into her temporary home while her new condo is finished. Winter is for writing! […]

  3. July 2017 BCATW Buzz - July 19, 2017

    […] Julie H. Ferguson is moving to Penticton in mid-August and will be almost retired by the time she arrives. The only revenue stream she plans to retain is her travel writing and photography because she has several assignments booked for her major trips in 2017 and 2018. Julie wants to be closer to her kids and granddaughter who abandoned New West for the south Okanagan last Christmas. Wine, food, and golf will also feature significantly in her new life. […]

  4. December 2015 BCATW Buzz - December 14, 2015

    […] Julie H. Ferguson is on vacation, a real vacation, for a month in Palm Desert, California. It’s her annual golf pilgrimage that avoids the gloomiest months of the year in Vancouver. Julie had no intention of working in this paradise of permanent summertime, but fate decreed otherwise. Two days after her arrival, Marriott’s Shadow Ridge Golf Club asked her to do a photo shoot for them over two days during her first solo week. […]

  5. February 2015 BCATW Buzz - February 2, 2015

    […] Julie H. Ferguson has begun reaping her rewards from 2014’s adventures. January saw the first three articles published. Two focused on small-ship cruising in southern Ontario  and the Inner Hebrides. Another article demonstrates the value of participating in a full-day, hands-on photography workshop and also describes the Isles of Arran and Tiree. More stories and images will be appearing in 2015 about her trip to Scotland and Iceland that turned out to be the stuff of bucket lists. Also one of Julie’s images was a finalist in McKinlay Kidd’s annual photography contest, the award-winning tour company in Scotland. Now she’s planning her travel for 2015, which follows the TMAC 2015 conference in the Kawarthas and later sees her exploring the Pacific Northwest in September. […]

  6. October 2014 BCATW Buzz - October 2, 2014

    […] Julie H. Ferguson is reporting from Iceland at the end of a month exploring islands and remote ones at that. Blessed with dry, sunny weather for most of the trip, some highlights included flying into Barra and landing on the beach at low tide, a six-day converted-trawler cruise with ten other passengers in the Inner Hebrides, a week’s fly-drive tour of the Outer Hebrides, and touring the remote countryside in northern and southern Iceland. […]

  7. August 2014 BCATW Buzz - August 7, 2014

    […] Julie H. Ferguson is on the road again, this time for Submarine Week in Victoria celebrating the centenary of the Canadian Submarine Service. Julie has written two books on our submarine history and is speaking at two events and giving the presentation Celebrating Canadian Submariners: 1914 to 2014. She is very proud to be a part of this event.  […]

  8. July 2014 BCATW Buzz - August 7, 2014

    […] Julie H. Ferguson has been exploring southern Ontario for a month, thanks to Tourism Ontario and Ontario Waterway Cruises. She found cruising on the Rideau Canal and the Trent-Severn Waterway a delightful at-home alternative to river cruising in Europe — informal, relaxing, fun, and packed with history. So was sailing on the St. Lawrence River with her grandchildren. Julie loved Prince Edward County too, a place with a reputation for fine, local food and a developing wine industry that will be better in a decade. Though she did find a couple of good drinking reds and whites. The residents here are charming, helpful, and welcoming, and some of the art galleries and studios are worth visiting. She was able to give a presentation at the Naval Marine Archive in Picton celebrating the Canadian submarine service’s centenary that was well received. Julie also visited her publisher and gave radio interviews in Toronto. Now her work begins with over 2000 images to edit and loads of writing to do. Julie is thrilled to be able to travel again and heads to the Western Isles and Iceland at the end of August for five weeks. […]

  9. May 2014 BCATW Buzz - August 7, 2014

    […] and early-April were filled with getaways for Julie H. Ferguson — three in quick succession and sunshine. She spent four days on Galiano with a superb day spent […]

  10. Buzz June 2013 - August 7, 2014

    […] Julie H. Ferguson has a bumper crop of articles and images appearing —four to be precise. Most have flowed from adventures in 2012, so long is the lead time in many markets today. Look for The Best Kept Secret in the Fraser Valley, The Harrison River: Unspoiled and Unknown, History Lives Here: Kilby Historic Site (Feature + cover image), and Exploring a Vancouver ‘Hood. The first three also have accompanying videos for the online versions of her print articles. Julie’s recent wine and food expedition in the southern Okanagan is recorded on her travelog in several posts at Stamps in My Passport, along with bits of history and photos. […]

  11. Buzz September 2013 - August 7, 2014

    […] Julie H. Ferguson’s husband whisked her away by via sea plane for her birthday to an unknown destination in August — turned out to be Galiano Inn and Spa at Sturdies Bay—for five days of sheer heaven. She thrived on the views, the local produce, the people, and the pampering. For more about her visit, please see her travelog at http:/stampsinmypassport.blogspot.com.  Julie is off to Ottawa to visit family, the Canadian War Museum, and the Department of National Defence for research for the re-release of her first book, Through a Canadian Periscope to celebrate the Canadian Submarine Service’s centenary in 2014. She also hopes to enjoy a two-day cruise on the Rideau Canal’s more countryside reaches. She also very proud to announce that two participants in her Port Moody Writers’ Group are finalists in Literary Writes (Federation of BC Writers contest). http://beaconlit.blogspot.com Featured image: Sturdies Bay © Photos by Pharos 2013 […]