Karen Pacheco

Karen Pacheco

Karen HShotKaren is a freelance writer/photographer. A past president of the Delta Photo Club, she currently she holds the position of District Representative of the Canadian Association for Photographic Art (CAPA). As a passionate photographer and globe trotter, Karen has traveled extensively in Asia, Africa, Europe and, of course, North America. She lived in China for a school year while teaching thirty-four Grade 7’s in Shenzhen, China, a mega-city adjacent to Hong Kong. During her stay in China, she visited Macau, Guilin, Yanshou, Xing Ping, Shanghai, Beijing, Xian and Vietnam. Hiking the Great Wall for ten kilometres was one of her peak experiences. Recently, Karen has visited the southern United States: Florida, Georgia and Louisiana. You can read about some of her travels in Travel Thru History (www.travelthruhistory.com).

Her quest is to capture that story-telling moment in words and pictures. She hopes that you will enjoy some of her photographic and written narratives.

You can view her images at Northohana Photography:

Contact information: northohana@nullgmail.com


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