Maros Handzak


Maros Handzak is a freelance writer and photographer based in Vancouver.

Originally from Slovakia in Europe, Maros’ stories and articles have been published multiple times in printed magazines, including MultiLingual and Technology (USA), Plus 7 dni (Slovakia) and Slovenka (Slovakia), as well as online at and

His photographs were published by The Key Publishing House Inc. in Toronto in the book From Pemmican to Poutine by Chef Suman Roy and Brooke Ali, which is sold and distributed through Chapters stores in Canada.

Maros’ travel writing is focused on Canadian nature, people and history, as well as American topics like national parks, landmarks and cities. His blogs and articles involve subjects such as the old-fashioned lifestyle of Mennonites in Ontario, the ancient Mayan civilization in Mexico, First Nations in Cape Croker near Georgian Bay, the beautiful sceneries surrounding the Rocky Mountains and much more.


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