Make your dues payment to the BCATW by January 31st

Media Members 1-year dues: $72
Industry Members 1-year dues: $120


New to BCATW, you can now pay the fee straight from your bank!

Use the email,,” and make the security question super obvious, like, “last name of BCATW President.”


Note: if media members use PayPal under another name, such as a company moniker, please note that the payment is in your individual name.

2018 Media Membership dues

$72 + $3 PayPal service fee = $75

Monthly, prorated until the next January

Months left this year

2018 Industry Membership dues


Pay with Cheque

This is our least favourite option, but if you must, please make your cheque out to:

BC Association of Travel Writers,” and send it to BCATW, c/o Edward Quan, 1919 West 35 Ave, Vancouver BC, V6M 1H8

Please pick the method that works for you. Thanks!

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