President’s Message

President’s Message
Hello, and welcome to the BC Association of Travel Writers. It’s my pleasure to be back in the president’s chair with a great group of dynamic individuals. Of course the big challenge of being president of the board of a travel writing association is that the board members are rarely in the same city at the same time. But that’s one thing that’s so great about this group – our members all have vast experience and are constantly moving around the world and picking up inspirational story tips for travelling and writing.

One of the things that gets me very excited sitting at the board table this year is that we have so many active participants in our Meetup group; and our symposium is going to be packed with really practical advice from association and industry members.

We also have a lot of potential when it comes to connecting with industry groups like tourism associations, travel agencies and hospitality destinations. Our name is getting out there as a group of dedicated, hard-working and knowledgable journalists, book authors, bloggers, photographers and videographers. Whatever the genre of your travel writing, there is a place for you in this organization.

I also want to welcome those people who may not have extensive experience in the travel writing field. Our Meetup groups and symposia, as well as other events are intended to help educate those who would like to start or improve any kind of travel writing.

If you’re curious about who we are and what we do, I encourage you to sign up to one of our Meetup events and come down and network with the group. It’s a minimal cost but will bring a lot of information and entertainment.

– Baila Lazarus

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