Randi has tickets for EAT Vancouver

The first 4 writers who want to come and agree to be at the Gourmet Argentina cooking exhibit either Friday at 545pm or Saturday or Sunday at 1245 pm can have the tickets.. they have to pick them up from my concierge which is very close to  BC Place and anyone on CanadaLine or Skytrain can get on and off on the same ticket or even walk….
My address is 1328 Marinaside Crescent and my buzzer is 1061 but they will be downstairs at the Concierge so they just have to ask him in case I am not here…


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Argentina Offers Gastronomic Tourism at the Eat Vancouver Festival for the First Time
Come share our journey of flavours!
Vancouver, BC May 21st, 2013.
Gourmet Argentina makes its debut at Eat Vancouver with cooking classes and food tastings. INPROTUR, Argentina’s Institute of Tourism, is featuring its most representative areas of general, wine and culinary tourism at EAT VANCOUVER May 24-26, 2013.  IMPROTUR  is ready to help plan or promote any aspect of Argentine tourism.
As part of the World Culinary Travel Expo in booth #129, Argentina will offer a tasting and cooking experience featuring some of the most representative regional dishes of the country.  Take a culinary Argentine journey with themed demonstrations and tastings as you learn some of the rituals and customs around foods like yerba mate. You’ll come away with a greater understanding of the diverse Argentinean culture.
Master Classes will be held Friday, May 24th at 5:45 PM, Saturday and Sunday at 12:45 PM.
Each day offers a new master class in Argentine cuisine by Chef John Bochenski, featuring different regional cuisine and products with modern recipes infused with local character.
Creole cooking, Buenos Aires and the Cordoba regions, as well as Northern and coastal regional cuisine will be highlighted as well as from the Andes, Southern Patagonia and the Cuyo region.
Argentina offers unique experiences around its regional culinary and wine traditions:
The Route of Flavours is a map for the food adventurer, where each experience is related to a flavor, a landscape and a sensation. Beautiful landscapes produce the best meat, milk, jam, empanadas, wines and yerba mate
The Wine Route features wineries with open doors, lodgings and harvest festivals and especially open hearts. It joins the most important wine-producing destinations in Argentina from north to south through several regions nearly parallel to the Cordillera of the Andes from Salta and Catamarca with northern high altitude wines, to Neuquén, Rio Negro and Chubut-Patagonia’s southern wines, then travelling through Cordoba running right through the heart of the country featuring handcrafted production and ending in Cuyo-with Mendoza and San Juan’s wines par excellence,  featuring the richest diversity of South American winemaking and enology. It is this winning combination of fertile land, European roots and native traditions that make Argentina truly a banquet fit for a gourmand!
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