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Roberta-Staley-300Roberta Staley is an award-winning magazine editor and writer with experience reporting from the developing world and conflict and post-conflict zones. Most recently, Staley was in Afghanistan researching stories on literacy and gender equality for several magazine clients. She has also covered beauty contests in Colombia, landmines in Cambodia, Haitian voodoo possession ceremonies and palliative care for those living with HIV-AIDS in the slums of Soweto, South Africa. Staley has penned medical, business and science stories for consumer publications and edited two national magazines: Enterprise and the Canadian Chemical News. Her work as an editor and writer has been recognized by the Western Magazine Foundation Awards, the National Magazine Awards, the Jack Webster Awards and B’nai Brith Canada Human Rights Awards. A selection of her stories is posted at .

Staley is co-founder of Journeys to the Edge, , which supports independent journalism in Canada and the developing world by financing the education of emerging reporters. Journeys to the Edge presented a multi-media photo narrative about Staley’s international travels in July 2012. The next multimedia show, about Afghanistan, is set for March 2013. (Photos by Tallulah Photography.)

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  1. Darlene Foster October 17, 2012 at 6:00 pm #

    It was very nice to meet you at the Gala on Saturday. Sorry we didn’t have a chance to talk more.
    Darlene Foster


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