How to Make, Market and Monetize Your Blog Meetup

Ricky shetty,

Ricky Shetty asks travel writers “Who loves to travel?” at a BCATW Meetup

The room was full of eager faces on the rainy, dark fall evening of October 21st, which was testament to the popularity of the topic AND our speaker – fellow BCATW member Ricky Shetty, aka Daddy Blogger.

With cozy and comfortable seats at Randi’s Room in Yaletown, and lovely snacks in our tummies, we settled in to learn from our mastermind Ricky.

During the course of the evening Ricky shared precious tips, tools and thoughts from his experiences in 3 subject areas:

  1. Make your blog
  2. Market your blog
  3. Monetize your blog

We heard first hand how Ricky started on the progress in his career to what he is doing today, including his decision to research and author a book, and why that fit in with his strategy as CEO of Daddy Blogger.

Being an excellent and experienced blogger, Ricky shared how to go about establishing a blog and his top 10 ways to market and monetize your blog.

He expanded on each of those lists with many examples and identified a wonderful plethora of tips and tools to help us along with each of our processes and how to get the most out of following our passions as travel writers – something for everyone, from the novice through to the most experienced of us in attendance, with lots of room for questions and perspectives from the audience.

Market your Blog

Some of the areas that Ricky went through in detail included the top 10 ways to market your blog:

  • email marketing
  • social media marketing
  • video marketing
  • search engine optimization (SEO)
  • guest blog posts
  • interviews
  • product & service reviews
  • contest giveaways
  • networking events
  • public speaking

Monetize your Blog

Now that we have identified the components of a comprehensive marketing strategy, we moved on to how to monetize your blog – to make it produce results – and Ricky was a wealth of information here as well:

  • sell your own products
  • affiliate marketing
  • advertising
  • coaching / consulting
  • professional paid speaking
  • social media manager
  • event planning (workshops, seminars and conferences)
  • photography & videography
  • brand ambassador
  • book publishing

If you haven’t had a chance yet to attend a Ricky Shetty workshop, you are encouraged to seek one out and definitely check him out at


ricky debra

BCATW Debra Walker holds her prize, the book, “Wisdom from Daddies.”

Thank you, Ricky, for an informative, well-paced and valued-added presentation. And thanks for the book!

Upcoming BCATW Meetup & AGM

Meeting organizers Randi Winter & Mari Kane reminded us of the upcoming AGM on November 22nd (@ Truth & Beauty Gallery). Lots of exciting topics for discussion including the 2015 Symposium, some changes to the website coming out of the last board meeting and election for board members.

Our next BCATW Meetup is scheduled for November 3rd at 7:00 p.m. – How to Use Social Media to Build Your Personal Brand as a Travel Writer, with writer and teacher Rebecca Coleman 

If you are not a registered user of Meetup, please join now!

Meetup membership is free and you can join any group that catches your fancy. Joining the BCATW Meetup is the best way to get news and information about our upcoming meetups.

See you at the next BCATW Meetup!

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