Important Site Information about SEO and Passwords

Greetings Travel Writers!

Our site is looking good but there are a couple of improvements we’d like to see regarding SEO and Passwords, and we need your help.

SEO Plugin

seo by yoast,

SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization. By optimizing each page, you are making it easy for the search engines to find your page. We all want more search engine attention, right? This plugin helps us to add the proper Meta Tags to our site code, so when the search spider crawls the site, it can report back to Google what it finds.

We have a plugin called WordPress SEO by Yoast and it appears in the site’s back end in many places. In particular, it appears on the Add New Post page and on Add New Page page where appears just below the Edit box. Please use it every time you post.

When done correctly, below is what you see in the Pages dashboard. Each page is color coded according to its SEO friendliness; green being the best, yellow is so-so, orange/red is bad, and grey is incomplete. You see the SEO Title, Meta Description and Focus Keyword.

In the Case of our new member, Doris, the plugin has auto-filled her title, but she needs to add Keyword and Meta Description.

The reason Darlene and Georgina have yellow dots is because they have too few words on their pages.

pages dashboard,

Yoast wants a minimum of 300 words of content, at least five of which should be the keyword. This is true for posts as well, so if you post a story make sure it is at least 300 words.

I know it seems weird to repeat your name – the keyword – five times, but that’s how it is.

Once you’ve done the General SEO, click on Page Analysis to get ideas on how to further improve the SEO of your page.

The Analysis function is quite interesting, and will further illuminate ways for you to improve your posts and pages.

To read more about how to use the SEO plugin, read How to Post on a WordPress Blog and Using WordPress SEO by Yoast. (While at Blogsite Studio, please subscribe.)

Password Changes

With continued insecurity on the internet, it’s time for us to change our passwords and make them stronger. I have installed a security plugin to help us out, and it requires either:
A) at least 10 characters long and contain upper and lower case letters (except languages that only have one case) plus numbers and punctuation.
B) at least 20 characters long. The password can not contain words related to you or this website.

To change your password, simply log in, go to Users in the left navigation bar, click on your name and scroll down to New Password. The plugin will guide you from there.

Here’s a post about the Brute Force Attack still being experienced on our server.

Also, this security plugin is set to time users out after 30 minutes. So, when posting, be sure to save your work frequently, because if you do nothing for 30 minutes, you might not be able to save. If you are logged out before save, restore the autosave version and you should be ok.

More Photos

If you want to send photos for posting on our home page slider, please send them to me at marikane at marikane dot com and make sure they are sized at 1200 x 500 pixels.

Thanks for reading. That is all.

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