New Ebook by Mari Kane – Create a WordPress Website

Mari Kane has released her first-ever, Web-related ebook, Create a WordPress Website in Ten Easy Steps. This 58-page PDF ebook is a compilation of my 10-part blog series of the same name, and includes the bonus post, Top 10 Ways to Learn WordPress.

Create a WordPress Website is even more fully linked than the blog posts, connecting readers to yet more how-to information about WordPress. The type is large, and the illustrations minimal, making it an easy resource to follow as you work. The Table of Contents can be used as a checklist to help users get from zero to ranked.

Mari Kane wrote and compiled this ebook with the aim of helping business and creative people take control of their web presence using the most powerful content management system on the planet. Everything you need to launch a site is contained in this one ebook, making it a must-have for Internet beginners.

And, it’s Free!

Create a WordPress Website is available for Free by simply subscribing to Blogsite Studio!

That’s right. You can download Create a WordPress Website by Mari Kane onto your desktop or device at no cost at all. And you’ll get even more value by receiving alerts from Blogsite Studio about posts on how to blog with WordPress.

Get it Now

So, don’t wait as your public image languishes in the shadows of the Internet!

Subscribe to Blogsite Studio, get the Create a WordPress Website ebook and take control web presence with WordPress.

It’s much easier than you think.

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